forklift safety accessories - 4 Ways to Make Forklifts Safer

Forklifts Are Important in Any Operation

Your forklift is a key element in running your warehouse operations. However, it also represents a potential safety hazard as forklifts are among the leading causes of warehouse damage, employee injury, and death. Your warehouse can absolutely benefit from our forklift additions to prevent accidents, promote safer standards, and maintain an honest effort to protect the most valuable part of your operation: your people.

Arrow Spotter

Warehouses involve a lot of moving parts and it is important to keep your crew aware of potentially dangerous equipment being operated nearby. An Arrow Spotter is an attachment that projects a large bright arrow on the ground 10 to 20 feet in front of or behind the lift. The arrow indicates which way the forklift is moving and is particularly helpful in dealing with blind corners.

Mirrors and Back Guards

Never underestimate the importance of a mirror in a moving vehicle. Forklifts are no exception. Consider adding a dome mirror to your lift to give your operators a high range of visibility, ensuring they are constantly aware of their surroundings. A dome mirror offers 180-degree view and can be installed with double-sided tape or a magnetic arm.

Help your operators prevent dangerous rear-ward forklift accidents and even fatalities by investing a Back-SavR guard . These guards can be installed in minutes with basic tools and fit most major forklift models. The guard physically protects your operator from a collision using a highly visible bumper when backing up near racking systems.


Safety bumpers can also make excellent additions in keeping your equipment protected from impact. Bumpers can be fastened to forks or other areas around your warehouse that are prone to collision damage. They can bend at a 90-degree angle to protect corners. After you’ve experienced the benefit of these easily installed bumpers, you might find that they pay for themselves in protecting you from a costly repair process.

These are just a few additions that can make your staff’s time spent on a forklift a safer experience. Please view the link below to learn more about these and other available forklift accessories.