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Why Conveyor

If you are looking to upgrade your warehouse to more efficient means of transporting your inventory, consider adding a gravity or powered conveyor to your operation. The benefits of conveyors are numerous including easy and fast installation, continuous operation, and increased productivity. The differences between the two relate to the way they move product: A gravity conveyor relies on a person manually pushing the load, whereas a powered conveyor relies on a motor to move your materials.

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyors require no power to operate making them cost effective. Gravity rollers are available with rollers or wheels. They are used to transport product on a level push line or a gravity pitched line. Rollers are used for greater weight carrying capacities and are recommended for moving uneven or bottom rimmed packages. Roller conveyors are outfitted with spring load axles for easy replacement. Skate wheel gravity conveyors are frequently used for loading trucks with the conveyor set up on stands and are ideal for lightweight loads. Benefits include little energy being required to turn the wheels making a wheel gravity conveyor a good choice for those looking to control the speed of their product. As each wheel turns independently, wheel conveyors are a great addition to the curved parts of your warehouse. Gravity conveyors are considered more economical than other conveyor options because of their low cost and easy installation.

Powered Conveyor

Powered conveyors mainly differ from gravity conveyors in moving product across greater distances with a motor and are available with rollers or belts. Powered roller conveyors are most useful for regularly sized, heavier loads as the rollers create constant contact between your product and the line. Roller conveyors can be outfitted with steel pins that create product stopping points for quality inspections. Diverting wheels can also be added to a powered roller conveyor to direct the flow of your materials. A belted power conveyor can also be convenient if you are moving products with odd shapes or uneven surfaces. Belted power conveyors are used to carry loads over long distances and can convey products to different elevations. Be advised that there are many different types of powered conveyors and the right fit will depend on your specific material handling needs.

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