small safety collage - 6 Ways to Add Safety to Your Warehouse Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

Investing in the right products that protect both employees and infrastructure enables warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution businesses to experience higher productivity and profitability, by minimizing the risk of workplace injuries and repair or replacement of costly equipment.

Protect People

Guard Rail, painted in Safety Yellow , is a highly visible physical barrier that clearly defines traffic patterns in areas where vehicles and people work in tandem. Available in one-, two-, and three-rail systems, heavy duty warehouse guard rail can absorb more than 13,000 lbs. of impact force from forklifts and warehouse vehicles, up to 4 mph, without failure.

Safety Netting is an OSHA-compliant solution to falling objects, leading to costly injuries and product damage.  Netting is low-maintenance and resilient, stretching to absorb shocks and loads, then returning to its original shape. Custom safety netting systems are designed to withstand the elements and tough working conditions.

Collision Awareness safeguards pedestrians and forklifts with a passive infrared motion sensor that alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians to approaching traffic. Use Collision Awareness anywhere you mind have a blind corner including docks, rows, and overhead, Collision Awareness detects motion in a variety of ways for maximum workplace and warehouse safety.

Protect Equipment

Building Column Protectors are lightweight, highly visible barriers that are easily installed around warehouse columns to provide impact protection against forklift traffic. Choose from 2 types of installations – floor anchored or wrapped and fastened with Velcro – to find the most appropriate solution.  

Row End Protectors provide superior protection against impact from forklift and equipment traffic, preserving the integrity of rack systems and protecting stored inventory. Row End Protectors add another layer of damage absorption to pallet rack.  

Rack Upright Protectors are secured to uprights, protecting base plates, and rack frames from impact.  Upright Protectors are available in many different styles, depending on the rack size and type, including Contoured Upright Protectors , which offer improve the rack clearance available to forklift drivers.

In addition to helping you utilize your warehouse space more efficiently, Mathand’s experienced design team considers your safety and investment with every solution we provide. Take this opportunity to investigate the safety of the people and equipment in your warehouse and improve it where possible.