Delivery in Days – Not Weeks – Means Better Service To Your Customers


QS product sampling - Improve Service to Your Customers - Fast

When your business grows and your warehousing systems are already full of stock, it makes sense to add shelving and safety systems to meet increased demand.

While you wait the several weeks between your order and its delivery and installation, you still must organize and store your merchandise, increasing the risk of  misplaced or broken merchandise, and potentially hazardous situations for your warehouse employees and equipment.

What if you could receive standard-sized shelving, racks , and safety systems in days, instead of weeks?  That would certainly streamline your operations.

We asked those questions, too, and found a way to enable customers to choose items from among a standard list on an easy-to-use website, choose the warehouse from which products ship in order to minimize freight costs, and receive confirmation and freight information within hours of placing your order. Once you approve the charges, your product is on its way to your door in just 3 to 5 days!

 Order Review

Experienced customer fulfillment professionals review every order to ensure you have the parts you need, and the correct sizes and protector products. If it looks as if you have too many – or too few – of the items traditionally purchased together, they’ll call to review your order with you, minimizing your risk of paying to return items ordered in error. They also review availability and freight costs, providing you with an accurate and detailed invoice, which you approve before your order ships.

 Multiple Warehouse Options

When shipping steel, freight is often the most costly part of your order, particularly if your products are shipped over long distances. With multiple warehouse options, you are able to choose the closest warehouse that can fulfill your order, minimizing your freight costs.


While the products we provide tend to remain the same over time, Mathand is committed to finding and developing innovative ways in which our customers order their warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution solutions. Our Quick Ship E-commerce option is simple and efficient, saving you time and money.

  Visit to shop, order, and receive your new warehouse components quickly and economically. That’s just good business!