Storage racks are a great way to organize a warehouse using the smallest amount of space. These systems are designed to hold up to 3,000 pounds per pallet and vertical storage is a space saver. Storage racks come in different styles to meet your warehouse needs. These storage rack systems create an easy environment for order picking. Order picking is time consuming and costly. With the right storage rack system solution, the job could be quicker and cheaper. Depending on the merchandise a Selective, Double Deep Reach, Drive in, Push-Back, or Roll Back Rack could be used. A good material handling systems company would design, supply, and install the storage rack system for your warehouse.

When choosing the right storage rack system for your order picking warehouse, three things need to be discussed: production, picking time, and exactness. All three of these are needed to make a pick operation run smoothly. Storage racks allow your employees to be more productive while cutting down on picking time. Better organization with your newly designed and installed storage rack creates an improved environment for ease, quickness, and correct orders. This carefully engineered storage rack system cuts down on warehouse costs and creates more time to pick additional orders.

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