carton flow wheel rack

Best Uses for Types of Carton Flow Racks

Successful operations are based on the optimization of time and space. Choosing the right Carton Flow Rack system for your business enables you to harness both for increased efficiency in your inventory management, storage space, and picking operations while improving safety.

The value of a Carton Flow Rack system lies in increased numbers of SKUs in a smaller footprint, improving warehouse performance, and minimizing maintenance costs. Carton Flow Racks are a FIFO system, allowing for loading from one side and unloading from the other. They are available in three distinct system types: wheel bed racks, rollers, and continuous varieties. Reviewing the size, weight, and dimensions of your cartons, cases, and totes will help you choose the style that will provide the best results for your operation.

Wheel Bed Carton Flow Racks are easily adaptable to handle a variety of sizes and shapes of cartons and totes on a single system without the need to change tracks. Wheel Bed Racks enable pickers to fulfill an order quickly, regardless of the differences in product packaging dimensions.

Roller Carton Flow Racks are a low-maintenance option that allows for uninterrupted picking in a fast-paced warehouse environment that handles similar-sized cases for each order. You choose the spacing of the rollers to improve flow and minimize cost. By optimizing your vertical space, you can improve storage efficiency.  

Continuous Carton Flow Racks enable fast, efficient picking in a design nearly impervious to disruption of flow from dust and debris. This provides warehouses with lower maintenance costs and uninterrupted operation. In addition, Continuous Flow Racks are ergonomically designed, enabling pick operators to handle cartons of all dimensions in a manner that minimizes risk of injury.  

Mathand’s experienced design team will help you assess your current warehouse operations, review your product specifications, and work with you to choose the Carton Flow Rack solution that is right for your business and budget.