Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Rack

Why Pallet Flow Through Rack?

Looking for ways to keep your warehouse running at optimal efficiency? A pallet flow rack system is perhaps the least understood and most underrated of the groups of storage racks that support material handling.

Pallet flow racks have seen an increase in demand as the material handling industry has experienced a shift toward rapid order fulfillment. As a result, these systems have become an essential element in creating a warehouse operation.

How does it work?

It’s all in the name. Pallet flow racks help with the flow of materials: material is input on one side and flows through the structure to the other side. These systems promote first in, first out inventory management meaning the first materials placed on the rack are also the first ones out.

Gravity makes these systems possible. The flow is accomplished through rollers or wheels and speed retarders that allow for steady movement of material placed into the system. Pallet flow systems are designed to maximize inventory turnover and keep warehouse operations efficiently controlled.

Which system do I choose?

When deciding which pallet flow rack system is right for your warehouse needs, it is vital to know the weight and underside of the pallet or container you are aiming to flow. Based on the size of the pallet or container you are storing, we will choose between pallet flow roller or wheel track types.   Wheel tracks offer linear and staggered lanes.   Rollers come in either full width or split configurations. It is important to remember different sized material might require multiple lanes or multiple levels.

As the demand for material handling product continues to rise, consider investing in a pallet flow rack  system that allows you to quickly and accurately turnover your increasing amount of product. Let Mathand’s experienced design team assess your current warehouse operation, review your product specifications, and help you choose the Pallet Flow Rack that will work best for your business and budget.