MatHand Web banner 1024x522 - Benefits of AS/RS Systems and How to Choose One As we approach PROMAT 2019 , it’s time to start focusing on ways we can adjust our methods to reflect modern trends that are on the rise in the material handling industry. As the demand for material handling products continues to grow, so must our readiness to evolve by accepting the factors that have the most potential to impact our industry.

We have seen a significant rise in the adoption of robotics and automated systems helping us meet high demands at efficient costs. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/AR) are gaining popularity allowing for real time inventory control and safer operations. For a higher upfront cost, they enable load transfers at high speeds to keep your warehouse operating at optimum efficiency. Equipped with computer-controlled systems and extreme accuracy, these intelligent systems are designed to pick in narrow aisles with customizable options to suit your specific material handling warehouse space.

Modern material handling practices are benefiting from automated storage and retrieval systems as they can be configured to operate in most large warehouses. The type of AS / AR technology you choose will depend on the products you are storing and the size of your warehouse space.  Pallet AS/AR systems are ideal for businesses that store and retrieve pallet racks of larger size, weight, and quantities. Carton- load automated storage systems operate on a smaller scale and are designed to move smaller parts in less space, ideal for those who run a busy warehouse with minimal room to store and retrieve product. Both systems share the same configuration with narrow aisles allowing a tall crane or cart elevator system to move down the center on a raised metal rail. A load – handling mechanism mounted on the carriage then reaches into the location and either places or picks the product. These systems will reduce a typical 12’ aisle to a 7’ aisle creating 40% more space for warehouse storage by utilizing vertical space.

The benefits of automated storage systems can be found in their obvious improvement of picking accuracy as they narrow the margin for human error and can complete the picking process much more quickly than a human operator. They can be used in any warehouse environment, including freezers up to -40 F. Automated storage systems create the smallest building footprint simultaneously creating more storage space. As the material handling industry continues to prosper, consider making a positive change to your warehouse and visit our link below to learn more about the advantages of an automated storage and retrieval system: